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What is a charlist in Elixir

Published on

#elixir #learning 

A charlist in Elixir is

a list of Unicode code points

For example, if you use your IEx shell (using the iex command) and type:

iex(24)> i [104, 101, 108, 108, 111]

you'll get the following output:

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Most useful mac keyboard shortcut

Published on

#mac #shortcut 

One of the most useful shortcuts on a Mac has to be + <.

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exploring the github cli

Published on

#github #cli 

Today I was setting up my new work notebook, and was about to go the usual flow of creating/configuring SSH keys linked to your GitHub account, through github.com

Decided to explore the GitHub CLI and make good use of some fancy GitHub CLI commands to improve my Git(Hub) workflow.

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Useful homebrew formulas for Mac

Published on

#brew #homebrew #mac #cli 

Below you'll find a list of homebrew formulas I personally use.

I have also attached some more sources for further inspiration.

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Spotlight not working on Big Sur: how to fix Spotlight index on MacOS Big Sur

Published on

#mac #spotlight #bigsur 

After installing Big Sur, I was having issues with Spotlight.

Applications were not listed and generally it didn't seem to work properly.

These are the steps that helped me to fix Spotlight indexing on Big Sur.

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