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How to execute a remote script with Ansible

Published on

#programming #ansible #docker 

The issue is simple: I want to run a script, that is located on the server.

The solution is also simple: use the builtin command Ansible module.

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Spotlight not working on Big Sur: how to fix Spotlight index on MacOS Big Sur

Published on

#mac #spotlight #bigsur 

After installing Big Sur, I was having issues with Spotlight.

Applications were not listed and generally it didn't seem to work properly.

These are the steps that helped me to fix Spotlight indexing on Big Sur.

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7 Visual Studio Code extensions I regularly use

Published on

#visualstudio #programming 

VSCode is my favourite code editor, and here are some extensions I use daily and worked very well for my needs.

Focus is on Web Development with JavaScript, TailwindCSS, node.js + npm, some personal templating choices and Material skin.

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