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3D printed Bitcoin desk watcher

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2020 - A retrospective


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What is technical debt?

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Bangle watch as an accelerometer mouse

Why privacy matters - Glenn Greenwald

Notes "Edward Snowden interviewed by Ron Paul"

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Get things done for real

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DIY IoT door monitor with ESP8266

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4 Most powerful Mini-PCs in 2020

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Aggregations with sub-documents in MongoDB

Most valuable developer linux notebooks in 2020

Install Homeassistant on Raspberry Pi

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Testing in Node.js by example using the SOLID principles

Clean up Mac OS: How I freed 35GB of space

Fixing 431 Request Header Fields Too Large in Node.js

Setting up a Verdaccio npm registry

Privacy-friendly alternatives to popular services and tools

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Validate your RSS feed

Minimal dark mode with CSS and JavaScript

Using µcompress to dramatically optimize static assets

Ad blocking with Raspberry Pi and Pi-hole

Optional chaining in Node.js 14 and JavaScript

Nullish coalescing in Node.js 14 and JavaScript

Road to Elixir: Monitor Crypto assets

Resuming Elixir by self-hosting plausible analytics

devblog: yet another static site generator, seriously

Boring software development

Full list of Chromium Puppeteer flags and command line switches

How to connect puppeteer to a Proxy

Crawling a web site with browserless, puppeteer and Node.js

Ultimate web scraping with browserless, puppeteer and Node.js

Twitter OAuth Login with fastify and Node.js

Twitter OAuth Login by example with Node.js

Send a Telegram message with Darklang

First steps with Darklang

Take a photo with raspistill on a Raspberry Pi

Twitter OAuth by example in Node.js

So Long, and Thanks for All the Veggies

Simplest Vanilla JavaScript static site blog search for Jekyll, Hugo, 11.ty

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Lazy loading images in 2020

Recover from failed lerna publish

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better web scraping with node.js

my blogging stack in 2020

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Simple telegram message with GitHub Actions

Deploy Eleventy site with Github Actions on AWS S3

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Build for a slow connection

Upgrade MongoDB 3 to 4 on Ubuntu


Publishing org scoped npm packages with travis

A story about npm publish / unpublish


Building the new version of in the open

My dotfiles